Jasmine Velo (Nightmare), later known as Jessica Moon (Midnight), and now known as Jay (Night).


Born as Jasmine Anne Velo in 1917 and gifted by the gods with the power to control all the elements; earth, air, fire, water, metal, spirit, and dark spirit. With her grandfather, Harold, being a seasoned war veteran and young Jasmine growing up in New York City, Harold took it upon himself to train Jasmine in self defence. Jasmine, being as brilliant as she is, leanred quickly and was able to punch at age 7  and throw knives at age 9. It wasn't long after that when Jasmine discovered her wonderous powers in a horrible way: by destroying several blocks of New York City and murdering hundreds. The accident left Jasmine with a piece of car lodged clear through her right shoulder. The piece of car was later removed and the injury taken care of by her best friend Cora. From then on Jasmine refused her powers.

As the years progressed Jasmine fell in love with John and he, in turn fell in love with her. They became engaged and after a year they eloped, lacking the money for a proper wedding and Jasmine needing the money that John was about to make as a soldier. They lived as a happily married couple for about a month before Jasmine snuck off to take an experimental super solider serum. The serum was created by Dr. Chrispoher Moore, a psychotic scientist bent on creating the perfect human. Dr. Moore's close friend and wealthy businessman Alistair Leolew funded the whole experiment and chose Jasmine as the test subject because of her genius. The experiment took place in 1942 when Jasmine was 26.

When the experiment did not go as planned Dr. Moore became panicked and furious, wanting to be rid of his failure. However when a scalple cut Jasmine and she healed Alistair began to see use in her. He told Jasmine that he would take her in and help her out for a price. Jasmine readily agreed, wanting to protect her family as much as possible. She feared that if anyone discovered the fact that she was now immortal and invulnerable that they would hunt her and her family down and make their lives a living hell.

Her family held a funeral for Jasmine after being told she had tragically died in a mugging when she was coming home from work.

Jasmine was unprepared for what price Alistair was going to have her pay:

She ended up spending decades in his service as a trained assassin, killing whoever Alistair sent her to kill. Her victims consisted of men, which she was forced to seduce and often sleep with. Then, as if all of the killing and emotional pain wasn't enough, Alistair and Dr. Moore would do everything in their power to torture Jasmine to satify their sadistic curiousity of wanting to kill and unkillable being. In any spare time Jasmine had she would do anything she could to make money, in hopes that one day she would be free. She would work as a freelance mercenary, a cage fighter, and or selling the clothes and jewels Alistair gave her to go with her jobs. All of the torture, humiliation, pain, and damage left Jasmine in such distress that she would drown it all in her addiction of choice, alcohol. This meant that she was often very drunk and barely functioning or alert to what was going on around her which made her an easy target for her fellow assassin and womanizer, Jason.

It took up until 1998, when Jasmine was sent to kill the Black Widow (Jason was unable to do so because of an injury he sustained a week before), Alistiar's first step in a plan to take down S.H.I.E.L.D.. While fighting, the Black Widow got a valuable hit in and was able to tranqualize Jasmine. She brought Jasmine back to S.H.I.E.L.D. where Director Nick Fury called in Professor Charles Xavier. Still sadated, Prof. X slipped into Jasmine's mind, repressed all her memories, and replaced them with new ones. When Jasmine woke up she believed that she was a highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Jessica Moon.

From then on that was who Jasmine was, Jessica Moon. As Jessica she met the Avengers and helped them out as much as she could. Then, while Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, was going through a rough patch with Pepper Potts, Jessica and Tony became a secret couple. Jessica was known for having relations with many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (because in her brainwashed mind all she knew how to do was seduce men and fight, which was exactly what she did) so it did not come a surprise to anybody when Jesssica would disappear in the night.

Tony and Jessica's relationship progressed to such a point that Tony was ready to proposed. However Jessica broke off their relationship before he could do so because she was immortal and despite what Tony would insist, she knew he was still in love with Pepper. That was the end of Tony and Jesscia's relationship and they never got together again.

Jessica retreated to being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and her usual habits of drinking and seducing men. She stayed like that, even when three Avengers were killed in an attack. It wasn't up until Isabella Stark showed up at her door and asked her to become part of the Avengers Reassembled.

With the ReassembledsEdit


Jay has dark brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back with a white streak in it from having some of her life source taken away. She has grey eyes. Her skin is pale and covered in scars from being tortured. She also has a tattoo of the night sky on her back. Jay normally wears a dark blue tanktop with black jeans and knee high, heeled, boots. She also likes to wear her black leather jacket. Always carries a knife in her boot and a gun at her hip.


Jay is a combination of the serious and edgy Jasmine and the eccentric and snarky Jessica. Jay is also very determined. She is fiercely independent, she feels terribly weak when she needs help (an issue which sprouted when she started working for Alistair and never recieved help or care). She also a good leader and will fight for anything she believes in. Longs to love and be loved. However she usually has a cold and hard exterior. She feels that she cannot get close to anybody because she knows that they will die or leave her. Zephyr and Vienna have been the only exceptions and she knows she will suffer the consequences later.


John Hobb: Ex-husband, first love, mutant hater

Tony Stark (Iron Man): Lover and almost fiance

Zephyr: True love, connected to via spirit, extremely adoring husband

Jet (Scorch): Soulmate (in the sense that they are natually perfect for each other)

Marius Grey (Dark Phantom): Ex-lover and now team mate

Remy LeBeau (Gambit): Old partner in crime/lover

Isabella Stark (Chrome): Best friend and drinking buddy

Vienna Flynn (Shockwave): Like a daughter to her. Protective of. Often gives advice to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jay is a highly trained assassin and spy. This makes her excellent hand to hand comabat and a weapons master. She is especially skilled with throwing knives, her favored weapon. As well as her weapons Jessica Moon and Tony Stark developed a dark blue and black Iron Man suit which she will use on occasion.

Jay also has mutant powers, which she has hidden most of her life, that make her able to control the elements: earth, air, water, fire, metal, and spirit.

Earth ElementEdit

When Jay uses the earth element her skin becomes covered with living bronze tattoos of flowers that blossom and die with her emotions and environment. Her hair becomes streaked with fine gold streaks and her eyes blaze green. The earth element allows her to locate things that are on the earth (i.e. where a human might be). It also lets her create and manipulate earthy things such as plant life. She is also able to make things sink into the ground, this includes large buildings.

Water ElementEdit

When Jay uses the water element her skin becomes covered in blue water design like tattoos. Her hair turns blue and white and then her eyes blaze blue. The water element allows her to create, manipulate and control water. She can flood entire countries without a problem. The water element, with help from the air element, makes her able to control blood and thus any human being.

Fire ElementEdit

When Jay uses the fire element her skin becomes covered in black design like tattoos. Her hair tunrs red, orange, gold, and black streaked and her eyes blaze red. The fire element allows her to control, create, and manipulate fire. She can set herself on fire and make it spread where ever she wants.

Air ElementEdit

When Jay uses the air element her skin becomes covered in white and gold cloud like tattoos. Her hair turns white with gold streaks and her eyes blaze silver. The air element enables her to control, create, and manipulate air in any place. The air element makes her practically telekinetic. It also gives her minor control over the weather. She can also explode anything with the help of the fire element.

Metal ElementEdit

When Jay uses the metal element her skin turns solid black with silver designs. Her hair turns black with gold streaks, her eyes turn a shiny, solid black, and her teeth become fangs. The metal element enables her to control, manipulate, and create metal. She can encase anything in metal and summon anything metal to her.

Spirit (Light Spirit) ElementEdit

When Jay uses the spirit element her skin turns pale and her hair turns a solid white that is braided with silver ribbons.Her eyes blaze white and her clothes change to a shimmery, floor-length, dress that is tied at the waist with a silver sash. The spirit element allows her to take people's lives, which makes her see a way she could die,  and connect with dead spirits. It also gives her control to see things that would have happened. The spirit element is very erratic though and she doesn't always have control over it.

Dark SpiritEdit

When Jay uses the dark verison of the spirit element her skin pales drastically. Her hair become solid black with white streaks. Her eyes turn a disturbing solid black with a milky white glaze, if anybody looks into her eyes while she is in dark spirit form they will see the way they die. Often times black liquid will start to pour from her eyes like tears and spread to her body. Her clothes change to a ruined, floor-length, black dress. Her hands grow talons that allow her to tear things. Her teeth also become pointed, crooked, and ruined. This is by far the most savage and dark form for the elements. The whole change of appearance is painful for her. This image is meant to instill fear in the enemy. Her voice turns dark and echoey and she tends to let out in-human snarls and growls in this form. It also turns her personality savage and ruthless. Her genius intellect is still intact which only makes her more dangerous. She will destroy anything that is in her way with raw power, using her pointed teeth, and talons. Sanity and almost all rational thought is abandoned when she is like this. Jay becomes a savage rage monster that feeds off her old pain and hate for her life. She becomes selfish and power hungry. Everything about her becomes dark and deadly. She will even hurt the ones she loves in this form. She doesn't know what she's really doing, all she cares about is her power. In this form she can recreate the bodies of the dead. It takes both spirit (or light spirit) and dark spirit elements for her to resurrect somebody. She contains all the powers of the spirit element in this form; she usually never uses them for in this form she prefers watching the enemy suffer before her at her mercy. This is a common form that wants to take over when she's upset or angry but she knows that she only hurts people in this form so she keeps a lid on it as best she can. It is also very hard for her to break out of this form.

Dark ElementsEdit

There are the dark elements and there are the light elements. The dark elements consist of fire, metal, spirit, and dark spirit. The dark elements are rebellious and hard to control. They have a high likelyhood of burning Jay up if used too much. They also turn her dark and evil. She becomes violent and cruel just like when she uses the dark spirit element. When she uses the dark elements her hair turns black with fine red and white streaks. Her eyes turn solid black with a milky white glaze swirled with blood red. Her clothes turn into a ruined black ballgown like dress. Silver and black designs cover her skin. Her hands form talons at the end of her fingers and her teeth become pointed and ruined. Jay tries to avoid using these elements but they some of the most powerful ones.

Light ElementsEdit

The light elements consist of air, water, and earth. They are greatly outnumbered by the dark elements. The light elements are easier to control and are more passive. They don't bother Jay as much and most of the time they actaully help her mentally when she uses them. The light elements make her calm and wise. They bring out the best traits in her. They don't cause nearly as much pain as the dark elements do and won't kill her unless she uses them too much all at once. When Jay uses the light elements her skin appears fair and even, her paleness and scars gone. Her eyes turn a shimmering blue grey. Her hair turns a beautiful gold color and her lips turn a deep perfect red. Her clothes change to a long flowing white and gold shimmering fabric. They make her appear perfect and almost angelic.


'I'm Jay, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Avenger, immortal, invulnerable, and a 96 year old bad ass.'

'Because that's what people in a relationship do, help each other.'

'When you truly love someone, their happiness and comfort comes far above your own.'

'That better now Miss. Zephyr?'

'I've found that the people who are often overlooked are the people who are most valuable and with the most talent.'

'If the reason why I lost everything and everyone I love is just because I was meant to be with you, then it was worth it. If all my suffering and pain was leading up to the fact I finally get to be happy with you... Then all of it was worth it.' (To Zephyr)


Jay's favorite drink is whiskey.

Jet was the first person to call her Jay.

Can't eat anything spicy because she won't taste it (it would burn so her invulnerability kicks in).

Really is dead, despite what Zephyr insists. Her body is a husk. In the dark spirit world there is a ghost of her. Part of her spirit still resides in her body so she can appear partially alive.

Loves Italian food.

Never went to college despite being a genius. Only rich women went to college in that time period and Jay's family was poor.

Worked as a secretary before she became an assassin.

Is unable to become pregnant and have children since the failed experiment. Never has and never will have any children.

Scared of horses.

Loves marshmallow fluff.

Despite her frequent drinking and often reckless behavior; Jay doesn't smoke. She hates it and finds it disgusting.

Hates watching senior living home commercials because they remind her of what and where she should be.