Aliana Carter (Portrayed by Megan Fox)

"What people think of me? Well, Mr. President, that's kinda unfair. I'm not the telepath. The question you should be asking is why people fear me..." ~Aliana Carter.

Aliana CarterEdit

The niece of the Master Marksman, Clint Barton (Hawkeye). In her early life, Aliana had worked for the X-Men and Hydra (at the same time) before being recruited to the Avengers by her uncle. Currently, she is dealing with raising infant twins and a preteen daughter with power issues. She is commanly called "Ali" by her friends and family.


Before Aliana's birth, her father, James Carter aka "Doctor Science", made the mistake of making deals with a secret organization called Hydra. He had promised to give Hydra the cure to mutant genetics in order to weaponize it. He never realized the repercussions this would cause. Dr. Carter had also promised this cure to S.H.I.E.L.D., the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. As he was being pressured into choosing an agency to give the cure to, Dr. Carter went rogue with the help of Alice Barton, a mutant S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. After years of hiding, James and Alice, having fallen in love, married. They thought their troubles were over, until Hydra tracked them down. They threated to take the daughters they had had, Anne Marie (Rogue) and Jessica (Aliana). These daughters had inherited mutant abilities from their parents. Hydra could forsee them becoming powerful mutants that could be puppetted by them. Trouble for Aliana had begun.

One night, when all seemed peaceful at the Carter residence, Hydra stormed into the house, weapons in hand. Though James and Alice put up a good fight, they were eventually defeated. In all the havoc, Anne Marie had decisively snuck herself and her sister into the woods behind their house. There, she contacted her uncle, Clint Barton. Barton, not ready for the responsibility of raising two young girls, placed the sisters in an orphanage in Caldecott County, Mississippi. Aliana would never forgive her uncle for that.

Anne Marie came down with scarlett fever while in the orphange. Aliana was forbid to see her sister. During this time, she was adopted by Jackson and Maria Shaw. Her name was legally changed from Jessica Alexis Carter to Allyanna Shaw. For a short time, Aliana lived a happy life until the day she began showing signs of mutation. She was only nine. Her powers were fully manifested while at school, where she was under going stress of bad report cards and bullies. When her powers manifested, her eyes glowed purple-black, and she was lifted into the air. She caused havoc onto the small town in Georgia that she had grown up in. She flattened her school, the city hall, bank, local church, and several small businesses, killing thousands. Her parents were terrifyed of their little girl, and sent her to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Hydra saw this as an opportunity to recruit this little girl.

While she was enroute to New York, Aliana was temporarily kidnapped by an agent of Hydra, Anzhelika Markovic. Markovic promised to teach the young girl how to hone her power if she spied on the X-Men, feeding the secure intel to Hydra under the codename Eclipse. Aliana agreed. Once she arrived at the Institute, she was imeadiately accepted into the X-Men family. But, this did not effect the young spy. She had become immune to affection since her young childhood days. She still remembered her real parents being burned by a secret organization, and her uncle leaving her in the hands of strangers. It would take her the rest of her life to open herself up to anyone.

For five more years, Aliana did Hydra's dirty work against the X-Men. When the time came that she had to take out the X-Men, Aliana had become two people, Ali, a teenage girl who wanted to protect a world that would gladly kill her given the chance, and Eclipse, a highly trained assassin who will use her skills on or for anyone. She had become a kind hearted person, which Charles Xavier was happy about, since he thought he had changed the lonely little girl. And, she had become a cold hearted killer, a person Hydra could toy with. Eclipse was stronger than Ali, though, and Eclipse had surpressed all of her childhood memories, even those of her real family. Eclipse had an idea of a way to rid the world of both the X-Men and those who worked with her uncle, the Avengers. She had grown to hate the Avengers, since they seemed to always ruin her plans, putting her in danger of loosing her life.

Eclipse found out that Clint Barton had gone to Emma Frost, a known telepath, and asked her to surpress the memories of his sister and her family. Eclipse used this as a tool against him and the Avengers. She created a plan to make both the Avengers and the X-Men think that the other had infiltrated each others systems. By doing this, Ali would have to smooth things out with the Avengers, causing Hawkeye's memories to come back, which would distract him from his mission, protect the Avengers and the world. Eclipse had to also bring back Ali's past memories. This sent Ali into a phase of psychoticness. Eclipse eventually "killed" that side of her, framing Hawkeye. The X-Men felt betrayed by the Avengers for both "infiltrating" their systems and killing one of their own. At this time, Eclispe destroyed them both, but not completly. Subconiously, she sent them to a place the Avengers would come to again, the Illusion.

Aliana emerged from the chaos inside of her, and caged Eclipse. When she saw what her other half had done, she was mortified. Her childhood memories where back, and she remembered who she was, who her family was. She took Hawkeye's bow, and swore to Avenge him. But, she had to be careful. Eclipse would emerge if Aliana were angered in anyway. She would have to learn to be patient. In order to hide herself from the U.S. government, and from Hydra, and other agencies she had threated like A.I.M. and S.H.I.E.L.D., her name was changed once again, and for the last time. Changing the spelling of her legal name Allyanna to Aliana, and taking up her former surname, Carter, she began a new life. She helped underground mutant groups, like the Marlocks, as well as publically known groups, like the Fantastic Four. When asked what her name was she would say, "Hawkeye," feeling it was her duty to keep her family alive.

Aliana during her time as "Hawkeye"

Eventually, she was able to bring back the X-Men and the Avengers, but to ensure they wouldn't remember what had happened two years before, she wiped their memory. The Avengers, confused by the media of what had happened, decided to recruit Aliana, seeing she a hero in the eyes of the public. Hawkeye was sent to recruit her. Aliana had temporarily joined the X-Men during this time, but jumped at the idea of joining the Avengers. While an Avenger, she would fight many battle with them, and sometimes against them. During her time as an Avenger, she became romatically involved with fellow Avenger Lectric (Rizzo).

Avengers DisbandEdit

A battle causes the Avengers to disband due to the death of their leader, Captain America, and Iron Man. Aliana and Clint officially join S.H.I.E.L.D. during this time. While on a mission, Hawkeye is forced to emotionally hurt his niece once again by faking his death, which would be by her hand. This mission was in Dubai, where they had to take down a rogue agent, Alex Canon. Canon looked identical to Hawkeye, which was apart of the plan. Barton tricked his niece into thinking she had the target insight. With an arrow, she shot her uncle through the heart, leaving him with enough life left to plead Aliana for forgiveness for the wrong he had done to her.

Avengers ReassembledEdit

Wanting nothing to do with any form of field work after her uncle's death, Aliana became a reserve agent, only to be brought into action if absolutly necessary. Aliana was able to live peacefully for nine years, and she could raise her daughter, Sofia, without worrying about having to hide her from S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury. But, the world needed heroes. Leslie Stark, however unintentionally, had recruited Aliana, and her daughter, back into the Avengers.

Aliana was skeptical about the new group of misfit heroes for a while, but has since then grown to trust them as her team. Currently, Aliana is engaged to Rizzo, and is trying to raise her children while still being a superhero. Plus, she now knows that her uncle, Clint Barton, is alive.


Aliana Carter (picture by Iris)


Aliana had brown hair for much of her teenage life. When she was Eclipse, it would turn jet black. But, when Eclispe took over, it was permenatly changed to black. Her hair had reached her mid-back until the day she encountered Alex Canon for a second time. Currently, it reaches slightly beyond chin level.  She had ice blue eyes, but they are glowing purple-black when she is Eclipse. Compared to the other Avengers, she stands at the small height of 5"6'.  When in battle, she wears a black, three-quarter sleeve top, with combat boots, black bell bottoms and black cloak, which have been fashioned to appear like a shadow. Her combat boots give her some extra inches, so she reaches the height of 5'9". If she's not in battle, she'll wear simple t-shirts and jeans. Recently, she has been wearing a sweatshirt given to her by Ashley Roberts (Pheonix), which is from her college she attended, Barden College, mainly to cover the scar she recieved from her encounter with Canon. Her scar starts from her right shoulder, and ends near her neck.


Aliana is still very locked up. Even though she has opened up slightly to her new team, she tends to calm up when asked about her past. She used to not smile after the Avengers disbanded, but she will occasionally now. She tries to look and act strong for her daughter. She has a certain pride that she possesses as well, as if she still must avenge her uncle.


Dr. James Carter/Dr. Science-father/deceased

Alice Barton-Carter/Atom-mother/deceased


Sofia Carter/Shadow-daughter

James and Naomi Carter-twin son and daughter

Anne Marie Labeau/Rogue-sister

Remi Labeau/Gambit-brother-in-law

Claire Labeau/Joker-niece/rival/decease

Amythest/Ghost/Freydis-foster niece/former apprentice/former rival/deceased

Isabella Stark/Chrome-friend since she started with the Avengers/ally

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Aliana has the ability to control molecules and atoms. This gives her control of virtually anything. When partnered with her intelligence she inherited from her father, she can produce painful was of killing or altering people. When she was a teenager, she would sometimes alter her fellow X-Men's DNA during their practices in the danger room.


Thanks to her uncle, Aliana has become a master marksman with both arrows and bullets. Due to her training as a Hydra spy/assassin, she is a skillful mixed martial artist, ranking at fifth degree black belt in traditional karate, third in weapons, second in MMA, and first in Krav Maga. During her childhood, her adopted parents had her learn the violin, and though she has not played in several years, she has never forgotten how.


"What do people think of me? Now, Mr. President, that's kinda unfair. I'm not the telepath. The question you should be asking is why people fear me." (After her mission in Dubai)

"Easy, Nightingale. I wouldn't believe it, what you said, for a second. No offence, of course, was intended."

"Couldn't you have come sooner? Before I did this? I'm hiding in a closet when Stark arrives."

"Why did you recruit me? Why did you ask me to become an Avenger? I was an X-Man. Sure, people hated us, but we endured their prejudice. Why did you take me from that?"

"Push me off this roof so I die."

"Well, she just enjoys the fact that she has someone that loves her no matter what. Maybe you two can do the same." (words of wisdom she passed along to Liam)

"I was a monster. I had a power I couldn't control, and I made bad decisions. Long story short, I killed someone, but I did it on purpose. After that, I was determined to never let my kids or the one I love ever know the pain I felt that day. Or the regret I've carried everyday since."


Ali doesn't call her adoptive parents "mom" and "dad." She calls them by their first name.

While she worked with other superhero groups after the X-Men/Avengers incident, she had mixed feelings for Johnny Storm and Peter Parker. Johnny eventually became more of a quirky best friend, and Peter became like her brother.

During her time as an X-Man, she had feelings for Nightcrawler which stayed with her even when she was an Avenger. Their relationship was broken off, however, when he wrote her, telling her he had fallen in love with someone from his past, Wanda Maximoff.

Aliana gave birth to Sofia two years after the Avengers disbanded. For ten years, she never really knew who the father was, although she thought it could be Lectric. After the Avengers reassembled, her assumtions were correct.

Having been heartbroken several times, Aliana has become a sucker for sappy romance movies.

It took her twelve years to finally kiss Rizzo.

Thanks to the powers of Dr. Strange, Ali saw her parents two days before Christmas. During their short time together, they gave her a locket inscribed with We will always find you. Aliana has since passed it down to Sofia.

Rizzo and Aliana's ship name is Rizzali.

She can speak French, German, and Italian. And English, of course.

Her and her daughters share a love for One Direction.