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Ashley Roberts (portrayed by Katy Perry)

Ashley Roberts was one of the first Avengers to come in after the great war with the Chitauri. Her life has been more than interesting and full of lots of surprises.

Before the AvengersEdit

Before the Avengers, Ashley grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, trying to survive. But when you're a mutant that is a telepath, shape shifts, teleports, has some control over the elements, and has silver eyes and a silver streak in your black hair, you're looked at as more of a freak and get about zero help. After a few years of this, government agents found her and took her to a disclosed location somewhere in the mid-west. There, she met her cousin Laiteas and they grew close to each other. Neither of them knew what the government wanted with them until one day when Ashley heard their thoughts. She was horrified by their plans, so she and Laiteas ran away. They lived on the run for about a year until they met Adam, the leader of one of the top assassin agencies. Adam saw potential in both of them, so he took them in, training them to be the perfect assassins. After awhile, Ashley figure out his plans and she and Laiteas tried to escape again. Unfortunately, only Ashley was able to escape and Adam made it seem that Laiteas had died. Ashley, thinking it was her fault, swore to avenge her some day and get rid of Adam.

For the next 5 years, Ashley lived on the streets again until she was picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. There, they used her assassin abilities and powers to their advantage.

They used her to spy on the heroes wanted for The Avengers Initiative.

With Bruce Banner, they placed her at the university he used to work as a student to get information. She also disguised herself as a soldier a few times and hid amoung them (one reason why the Hulk still scares her a little).

With Thor, she worked in the S.H.I.E.L.D. building set up in New Mexico. She was also one of the nurses in the hospital that helped to sedate Thor. Also, she was spent to spy on him A LOT.

With Steve Rogers, she was sent with Coulson to help dig him out of the ice. Her powers came in handy especially with that. Also, when Rogers escaped the building in New York, she was told to sit on top of the building closest and shoot Rogers if necessary. She read his mind and told Fury to "find some other heartless agent to do your dirty work."

With Tony Stark, she disguised herself as several reporters, the most famous of them being the blonde reporter. Right before Stark was kidnapped, the original reporter was sent to get information on Stark (S.H.I.E.L.D. thought Stark was dealing weapons to terrorists). After the 'one night stand', she couldn't go on spying. So when Stark finally got back from being kidnapped, Ashley went undercover as the blonde reporter. She has had many other roles with spying on Stark, but that was the most famous.

During the Chitauri attack, Ashley was one of the many agents who was at the base when Loki stole the Tesseract and she also went undercover as one of Loki's minions (the brainwashing didn't work on her, so when she was taken as a minion, she went along with it to get information). 

A few days after the Chitauri attack, Ashley's life at S.H.I.E.L.D. went back to training the new agents. That was the day that the Avengers came to visit.

Life as an AvengerEdit

The day the Avengers came to visit was a great day indeed. One moment, she was training new agents and the next, Nick Fury and the Avengers came in. Fury said that he wanted her to be an Avenger and he brought the Avengers to introduce her. Tony, being the jerk we know and love, started talking smack and said she was just another agent, and some other things.

Then Ashley beat the crap out of him and threw him out a window.

From that point on, Ashley was respected (especially by Tony) and treated like an Avenger. She proved to be very useful in battle, especially with her powers. She adopted the hero name 'Nightingale' a little while later. A few months later, while they were battling a giant metal bug, she met Jethro Kanto (Fyrebird) as he was saving a falling news helicopter. She convinced him to join the Avengers and the two grew very close. They ended up becoming a couple and went out on dates and stuff like that.

But of course, when you're an Avenger, life never seems to give you any chance at all to be even somewhat normal. 

There was a man named James, who ended up being one of the Avengers major villains, was a very powerful Mindling and had this major crush on Ashley. Not only did he want her in general, but he wanted her for her powers. He had great dreams of ruling the world with Ashley as his queen. Of course, Ashley was dating Jethro, so there never was any interest in working with James at all (that, and she had already run into James before she became involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. and already declared him a psycopath). He was very persistent on getting her, and one day decided that if he couldn't have her, no one could.

That was when he killed Ashley.

Everyone was extremely heartbroken, especially Jethro. On the day of her funeral though, Ashley came back, except she had white hair and ice blue eyes. Also, her powers seemed to be stronger, yet malfunctioning often.

Everything seemed to go back to normal (as normal as possible anyway). Ashley's powers continued to malfunction until one day during a battle with James. Everyone fought really hard, along with Ashley, but she had this random power surge that knocked her unconscious. James kidnapped her and went into hiding. The Avengers immediately went frantic trying to find her and they found her quickly, but by the time they did, Ashley had gone back to looking normal (silver streak in black hair and all), but had lost all of her powers, except for reading minds.

Again, everything went back to 'normal' until the last, deadly battle. Ashley got her powers back mid-fight and then tried to save the others, but she was too late. Clint, Steve, and Tony ended up dying anyway. After that, the Avengers disbanded. Jethro and Ashley went out for a little bit afterwards, but something happened and they just stopped seeing each other. They didn't see each other for 12 years until the Avengers were reassembled.

Avengers ReassembledEdit

Ashley reunited with several familiar faces, Jethro and Laiteas amoung them, 12 years later when Nick Fury called the Avengers back to save the world. For awhile, after training, it seemed like normal Avengers stuff, just with new members. That is, until Jet (Jethro from a different dimension) came into the world and Ashley became the Host of the Phoenix Force. THAT took some getting used to.

Of course, with a new team of Avengers came new villains. But everyone bonded together as a family and everything was normal for a little bit. Jethro even proposed to Ashley (she said yes, by the way)

Then Tommy came into Ashley's life.

Since Ashley was now the new Phoenix Force Host, she need a Guardian, and Tommy was the last Guardian left alive. At first, Ashley disliked having Tommy as her protector (she figured she should be protecting him, not vice versa), but after awhile, she really didn't mind and thought of Tommy as the son she never had. Or so she thought. Ashley got curious after awhile and wanted to know who Tommy's parents were. So, with the help of Bruce, they ran some blood tests and found out that she and Jethro were Tommy's parents. Both were very confused, but after awhlie just kind of pushed it away. Tommy was an amazing kid, they didn't mind at all having him as a son.

Everything has basically gone back to normal in the world of the Avengers, but just because it's normal doesn't mean that they aren't needed. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepath
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Controls/Bends fire
  • Flies
  • Anything else related to the Phoenix Force
  • Can use/work with any weapon


  • Jethro Kanto: Fiance
  • Laiteas Roberts: Cousin
  • Tommy (no last name): Son


  • "Never. Get. Fire People. WET."
  • "Kid, you're killing me."
  • "Yeah, we're from Kick Ass Pizzeria. Now let us through so we can go kick some ass."


  • Owns a dragon names D'Artagnan (Arty/Tanner).
  • Has tattoo-like mark on her right wrist of a phoenix.