Future SofiaEdit

The once innocent daughter of Rizzo and Aliana has become a conflicted, troubled young woman. She has experienced turmoil and new changes to her DNA, adding more complicated genetics to her already complex being. She has gone back in time to her eleven-year-old self in an attempt to both save the timeline, and stop her past self from making the choices that ruined her life.


After her fourteenth birthday, Sofia Marie Carter was officially made an Avenger. She was given the choice to change her codename, Shadow, is she wanted to. She decided to change her "name" to Luna even though it had nothing to do with her abilities.

When Sofia was fifteen, she was gravely injured in a major battle, much like the battle of New York, and several others the Avengers had fought in. Her mother forbid her to fight in any battles until she was physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. In an attempt to prove to her mother that she was wrong, she ran away. The first night she spent out on her own, she was nearly killed. Her life was saved by Wolverine, who was on one of his endeavors...again. Immediately, Logan taught Sofia how to survive and defend herself out in the world. One night, after six months of traveling with Logan, he mysteriously disappeared. She set off to find and save her new mentor. She found him in what seemed like an abandoned facility. As she entered the room where a secret organization was attempting to extract Wolverine's immortality. Despite Logan's urges for her to leave, she tried to free him. Instead, she was caught in a strange genetic surge. She obtained some wolf characteristics, such as the ability to run at high speeds. After this, she changed her codename to Rōei (Ro-kan-e-kai-gay) which is Japanese for Wolf Shadow.

After the incident at the facility, Logan forced Sofia to return to the Avenger's Tower. Despite her protests, nothing could convince him. Although he did bring her to the tower, she wasn't officially reunited with her family until she was sixteen almost seventeen.

After she returned, she learned of the Avengers attempts to bring time and space back to its rightful place. Vienna Flynn, who had traveled back in time unintentionally, had to return to her time within the next 72 hours. Sofia was sent because of her connections that Vienna and her shared.

Currently, she is attempting to convince Vienna to return home with the help of her younger self and Liam Payzer.


Sofia's face has taken on more mature, womanly features. Her body is more curvy, and she has grown a few inches. Her hair has grown a bit and taken on a slight curl. Her eyes are green with an electives blue tinge, except when she surges (see Powers and Abilities), then they turn yellow.

When she's in her full battle suit, her body takes on a skin tight black suit. It no longer has a "high-tech crossword" covering it. Although, and times, when she is in full surge mode, her suit has a slight fiery red color to it. She has black boots with a slight heel, and fingerless gloves. When she waves her hand in front of her face, a mask will appear. Her suit is meant to look like a shadow out if the corner of your eye, but it turns solid when you look straight on. For leisure clothes, she wears over sized sweaters, fall colored skinny jeans and combat boots with her hair up in a messy bun (fall and winter) and short shorts with a tank top and a jean jacket tank top with vans and her hair in a messy bun (spring and fall)


Sofia is mainly reserved and more mature since she ran away. But she still is a prankster and loves pulling a practical joke. She has become someone her sister come to for advice.


Rizzo - Father

Aliana - Mother

James and Naomi - siblings

Tommy - boyfriend

Logan - Mentor

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


She still has her shadow and electric powers, but she has learned how to master them even more. She also has some wolf-like abilities, but only when she surges. When she surges, a small ripple, nearly invisible, spreads across her body, starting in her heart and moving out. Then, she has her wolf abilities, and it's easier for her to form the Wolverine claws. Although the surges come at anytime, she can make one come if it's needed. But she cannot stop a surge. She can't feel them when they come randomly.


She has developed an ear for picking up languages. She can become fluent language if she hears it spoken consecutively for ten to twenty minutes. She also has picked up the harp, and can sing very beautifully. Also, she has become very good at handling a variety of weapons.


"So, you're the Wolverine, huh? I imagined you a lot more scary and, ROAR-er."

"You don't understand! I can't go back! They don't get me like you do! Please, just...let me become your apprentice or something."

"Hey mom...I don't want to you, so let's leave it that."

"I changed when I left...I'm just not sure if I can go back to who I was."


Her and Tommy officially started dating when she came back.

She had her drink when she was sixteen. She found Wolverine and tried to convince him to take her as his apprentice. He got her drunk so he bring her back to the Tower without hurting her.

She has a small crush on Liam Payzer and always has even though he was so much older than her. She knows to stay away.

She is a film and theatre nerd. Her favorite movies are the Star Wars saga, and the Star Trek series, and her favorite plays are Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Newsies, and Wicked.

Root beer is her drink. It's her golden nectar.

One Direction is her kryptonite.

She has actually saved One Direction and has been kissed by Harry Styles.