James Carter (Max Charles)


Naomi Carter (Natalya Wallace)

James and Naomi CarterEdit

Twins born to Rizzo and Aliana, their future is still in the making. Though there have been some signs that thay might have mutaant abilities, it is still to be determined.


They were born on easter day to much surprise to their mother since they shouldn't even been born for another month. Despite this, they were born healthy. After living only a few months as infants, they were sent into an alternate universe with their parents, sister, Melanie, Matt, Jay, and Zephyr by their cousin, Claire LaBeau. While in the vortex that brought them to the new world, they grew to about the age of nine years. They have returned to their world, safe and sound, with the others, and have stayed at nine years old.


The twins are nearly identical besides their eye color. James has green eyes, and Naomi has blue. They have yet to discover what their mutant ability is, so they do not have a battle suit. For the mean time, they are wearing what they wore in the alternate reality, which is a cloth dress and braided rope hairband for Naomi, and a tunic and shorts for James.


They are very serious for their age, but they know how to have fun when needed. And, they can encourage the others only in the way little kids can.


Lectric/Rizzo- father

Eclipse/Aliana Carter- mother

Shadow/Sofia Carter- sister

Joker/Claire LaBeau- cousin, deceased

Marie (Rogue) and Remy (Gambit) LaBeau- aunt and uncle


James and Naomi (picture by Iris)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


In the Illusion, they are known as the "Fire and Ice" twins since James can control water/ice and Naomi controls fire, so they balance each other out. It is uncertain if these powers will follow them to the real world.

Naomi's fire power

Naomi can do anything with fire, melt things, wield things, and of course, use it as a weapon. Her eyes turn firery red, and her clothes turn into a what appears to be flames. She is outlined with an orange flame when she's using her power.

James's ice/water power

Anything to do with water or ice, James can control it. He can flood a town, or send an ice storm, or turn anything to ice. His eyes shift from green to ice blue, and his clothes turn into something like an iced over Iron Man suit.


James QuotesEdit

"Hi, I'm James, Rizzo and Aliana's son, twin brother of Naomi, who is very annoying, by the way, and little brother of Sofia, who is equally annoying."

"Small one? Look who's talking."

Naomi QuotesEdit

"If this were easy, do you think I would be doing it?"

"A chance to blow something up? I'm in!"


While in the alternate reality, they were very mature for their age.

They love Go-Fish

They are sarcastic like their sister, Sofia

They are geniuses, like the rest of their family.

Naomi, her sister, and her mother share a love for One Direction.