Jet is Jethro Kanto (Fyrebird) from another dimension. He is the angry, droll, mean, sarcastic and overall bad ass version of Jethro. When the Avengers team reassembled, Ashley Roberts had a break down and jumped off a cliff. Fyrebird tried to save her and in doing so, got sent to another dimension by a world rift and Ashley's residual energy. Jet was swapped in his place quite by accident. Love is a curse word and an unknown emotion in Scorch's world, but he fell in love with Ashley almost as quickly as Fyrebird had. After a few weeks of peace, Scorch's worst enemy came a calling. Mortimer drugged him with the only kind of serum that can stay in his body and kidnapped him. Scorch was changed back to his normal, murderous self and tried to kill Ashley on Mortimer's orders. Fyrebird came back just in time to save her. Jet took an instant hate to Jethro, especially since Ashley preferred Fyrebird over him.


Real Name: Jet (Jethro) M. Kanto

Aliases: Jet, Scorch, evil twin, a few in the RW language and many that cannot be named due to curses in them.

Age: 147, but looks 25

Identity: His full and real identity is known only to himself and Mortimer.

Citizenship: Technically unknown

Group affiliations: Avengers and the Gala of Justice

Education: Unknown

Physical attributes: Height: 6' 2 ½", Weight: unknown, Hair: Black, Eyes: Orange, Skin: copper-like

Powers: the ability to control fire, become a flame, teleport by turning into flames and burning out. Flames spontaneously appear in another place and he changes back to flesh. He has mental shields that can rival Prof. X's and he can heal others. He is immortal.

Abilities: All of Jethro's abilities and more.


The RelationshipEdit

There are innumerable dimensions parallel and perpendicular to ours. There are so many that there simple isn't enough room for them all to "be"without some overlapping. These places in any dimensions where worlds overlap are called a world rifts. Ashley Robert's energy pierced through Fyrebird and then the rift when she jumped off the cliff. The twisting of dimension borders sucked Fyrebird in and spit Scorch out back in his place.

Scorch woke up with slight memory loss a.d complete lack of knowledge of what happened.

Jet and Jethro are not brothers, twins or anything else. They are one in the same. Jet (Scorch) is just Jethro from another world. Jet is far older and deadlier. He shares nothing about his past or homeworld, so very little is known about it. Jet has more powers or abilities than Jethro does, and that makes the latter very jealous. Jet is called "the evil twin" for good reasons.


Jet is just not happy. He doesn't really have any reason to be, so he isn't. His love, Ashley, left him even after discovering they shared a mental and emotional connection, she is engaged to marry Jet's doppleganger, he can't leave this world to go back to his, the silver in his arm that Mortimer injected him with is extremely and constantly painful, the only other girl Jet has had feelings for is happily dating someone else, alcohol has no effect on him, he can't die and Ashley and Jethro have a mysterious son who Jet wants to either throttle or punt across the room most of the time. But still, he is a son who shares a Jethros' DNA.

In his own world, pain, anger, malevolence, brutality, viciousness are the norm. Jet shares the same assassin past as Fyrebird, only his was even more dangerous and successful. Fighting and killing are daily activities for Jet, so coming to our world in the place of a person who saves lives and helps people was slightly shocking for Jet.

Surprisingly, to him most of all, Jet has what could be called a soft spot in any other person for kids. Tommy is a little too much like Jet for him to be comfortable, but nonetheless Jet does like the boy. And when Sofia cried and begged for Jet to bring her father back, he did....



"Yep, one time at a bar and you're a drunk in this family." (To Lai)