Jethro was one of the first people to join the first team of Avengers. He proved himself as a firey team member hell bent on helping the world. He met Ashley Roberts in the beginning and instantly had a crush on her. They fell in love and were happy together until the team disbanded. Shortly after that, Ash and Jethro had a falling out (mostly with memory). When the team got back together years later, their fire for each other lit again and they got back together. They are now engaged with a son named Tommy.


Real Name: Jethro Kanto

Aliases: Fyrebird, hotshot, flaming-ball-of-death, dad, you-stupid-ball-of-fire, possibly Scorch and Jethy.

Identity: Known to the team and SHIELD.

Citizenship: He says he was born in the U. S.

Occupation:Avenger. Former assassin, postman and street bum.

Group affiliations: Avengers, SHIELD and the Blacks.

Education: No formal education. Very street smart though.

Physical attributes: Height: 6'2", Weight: unknown, Hair: Black, Eyes: Orange, Skin: copper-like.

Powers: Controls everything to do with fire, can fly and heals quicker than normal.

Abilities: Fire, fighting with a bo staff, stealth, infiltration, pressure points and other assassin traits.

Paraphernalia: leather jacket


Jethro has power over the element fire. He can control it, talk to it, isn't burned by it and Tap the actual element (which is totally dangerous and reckless). Jethro flies and heals a little faster than normal people. He feels that he could have more powers he hasn't uncovered yet because Jet can do many hot things Jethro can't do.

Jethro has the tendency to burst into flames and burn his clothes all off. He had to invent fire proof underwear to keep himself from flashing people.


Jethro is kind of tall and muscular. His skin is a pale copper, so it's darker than the normal person's, but not brown. His hair is jet black. His eyes are an odd color, they are orange. They can glow, get lighter or turned red.

His suit consists of a mostly fire proof black and orange body suit with designs that glow when he is in action. The top looks like a leather jacket.


Jethro's bio

Jethro has what should be an unusual past, but unfortunately in the super hero world he lives in, it isn't. Jethro is what is called a "test-tube baby." He, along with Rizzo, was made and raised until the size of an eight year old in sparse, hospital like conditions. As soon as he was big enough, Jethro started his intensive training to become an assassin.

Highly skilled in all things killing, Jethro quickly moved up in the Blacks' ladder of importance and rank. Meanwhile, Rizzo was removed from the assassination program.

After a few rather successful years, Jethro went one what would be his last willing mission. On the mission, Jethro discovered the place he was taking down was investigating the Blacks. After reading everything they knew about the Blacks, Jethro's paradigm was changed. He reluctantly shut the place down like instructed, but he left most of the people alive.

Now that the Black's favorite pet killer wasn't so happy with his job, a couple other members of the team confronted Jethro with an escape plan. He agreed and helped them escape, unfortunately losing a friend in the process.

Jethro and Rizzo banded together for a short period of time. Both realized it was going tto be far more dangerous staying free from the Black and not starving to death. Neither of them had any life skills to speak of so both lives as street bums for awhile, before and after the split apart.

Jethro has the ability to fly, so he put that power to use. He made a living of sorts by being an aerial postman, flying packages long distances quickly.

Jethro.migrated to New York over a time and lived on a rooftop until the day he saw the Avengers fighting a giant metal bug that threatened to destroy most everything. And a rather stupid news helicopter that decided taking a closer look was a good thing.

Jethro flew to the rescued and almost instantly met Ashley Roberts. It was not love at first sight. would get there.

Jethro became a member of the Avengers a bit reluctantly. He didn't want any of them to know what he had been. After a few big fights and some intense moments with Ashley, Jethro slid right into place with the Avengers team and nnever looked back.


Ashley Roberts - Fiance, true love

Tommy - son

Rizzo - Best friend

Jet Kanto - self, friend, very worst enemy

Mortimer - unsure

Sam Starrok - sometimes friend, sometimes rival


"What the hell?"

"You know...."

Whatever. Mine!!!!!!!!!!