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Claire LaBeau (Emma Watson)

Claire LeBeauEdit

Daughter of Rogue and Gambit, she has deviated from the path of Superheroes to join the world of Super Villians. She strives to prove to the world that those in her family don't always have to be a hero.


Born in Quebec, Canada, Claire seemed like she would be an innocent little girl. But, all who thought this would be proven wrong. She did, however, start as a sweet girl. She would draw pictures for her parents, make up plays for whenever her aunt would visit. But, this changed after she pulled her first prank.

Her and her father decided to scare her mother when she came home from work. After making her mother think she had been seriously injured, Claire realized she liked scaring people. After that, instead of pictures and plays, all she would do was pranks. Her mother saw this as her daughter starting to rebel. Her father saw it as a kid just trying to be funny. He playfully nicknamed her Joker. He couldn't, and would never, realized how feared that name will soon be.

Claire's mutant power manifested when her father was teaching her a simple card trick. She had the exact same power as her father, but with more of a twist. She could become the playing card, at least a king, queen, jack, and joker. Once she learned how to control her powers, she started using them against her family and those around her.

Her parents thought that perhaps Claire needed a sibling, someone to be her conscience. They took in a German girl named Amythest as their foster daughter, hoping she would be good for Claire, but she just took it as a sign that her parents were moving on. They didn't want a psychotic daughter. So, she left early one morning before school. She was never seen by her parents since that day. She was tweleve.

She took off to New Orleans, Louisiana, to learn more about black magic. A sorcerer who went by Leviathan took her as his apprentice. She trained with him for a year until the he became too controling, like her parents. She took him out, and took his magic cards.

She then set out to find her aunt. She wanted to learn how to be like the Eclipse. But when Claire had finally found her aunt in New York City, she refused to tell her. She was furious. Her aunt told her she could be more than what she was, but Claire didn't listen. She thought Aliana was only trying to pave her path for her. Claire tried to control Aliana, make her tell her how to be like Eclipse, but Aliana broke free. Claire swore it wouldn't be the last time they met.

Two years later, she showed herself once again. Claire threated the safety of those Aliana held dear. She had to be stopped. Claire led them to Arizona, there, she was able to show the world how much power she weilds. The Avengers eventually were able to defeat Claire, trapping her in a bracelet Rizzo now holds.

Though Claire is set back by her defeat, she will be back...and soon.

Claire as the Joker


When Claire is not her psychotic self, the Joker, she has blonde, curly hair, and brown eyes. She stands at a height of 5'7". She usually wears clothes with the suits of cards on them, but her clothes are always either black or red.  When she is the Joker, she has straight, green hair. Her face is completely white except aroudn her eyes and lips. As the Joker, she'll have on a short black skirt, with red and black striped leggings and black boots. Plus, she'll have a purple and black striped business jacket whose sleeves have been ripped off from the elbows down, and from below the rib cage and down. Under the jacket, she'll wear a white tank top.


Claire is purely evil, doesn't care about anyone or anything. She refuses to join people like Magneto because she believes she'll loose her touch if she does so. She's a psychopath and a prankster.


Rogue/Anne Marie- mother

Gabit/Remy LeBeau- father

Ghost/Amythest (Freydis)- foster sister, deceased

Shadow/Sofia Carter- cousin

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Her powers are exactly like her fathers. She can create a mini bomb out of her cards. But, she can become the playing card as well.

The KingEdit

When Claire is the king card, she becomes very strong and agile. She can grow, depending on how much black magic she puts into her cards before hand, and she can become so fast, she becomes like Quicksilver in a way.

The QueenEdit

The Queen card gives Claire the power of persuation. She can make anyone do anything she'd like, but her hold will not be for long. If she makes the person do something they probably would never do, their conscience kicks in, and Claire looses her control.

The JackEdit

The Jack gives Claire high combat skills and stealth. She can gain skills up to an assassin's level, and her lowest skills are that of a samuari. With stealth, she can sneak in anywhere without being detected unless, Claire has a target she wants to be seen by.

The JokerEdit

The Joker, Claire's favorite card, gives her the ability to give people the worst haluscinations. She can control them for however long she wants, and make them do what ever she wants. If they manage to break free, a burn will emerge on their neck in the shape of a joker.


Claire has learned how to use black magic, and it aids her when she's using her powers to make her even more powerful.


"Do you wanna play a game!?"

"I have a surprise for you, auntie! I'm sure you'll love this one!"


Claire has seen world where everything is different, an alternate reality. She conquered that world, but came back to ours to try to bring those she knew to it. Now that she is trapped, she has to break free and continue on with her plan.

She has duel citizenship in both Canada and the United States.