Laiteas Roberts is the younger cousin of Ashley Roberts. The two were inseperable since Laiteas was 5 and Ashley was 10. The only time the two have been apart was when they tried to escape the Assassin Agency holding them captive. Ashley escaped and Laiteas was captured. She too eventually escaped, but Laiteas and Ashley didn't get back together until shortly after the Avengers Reassembled.

Background InfoEdit

Laiteas was born in Paris, France. She was born with extreme mental abilities, the power to control metal (like Magneto), and has the ability to develop a titanium exoskeleton, hence the Codename 'Titanium'. By the time she was five, she was taken from her home from American Government Agents and transported to America, where she first met Ashley. They broke out of the place they were being held and lived in the country side for awhile until they were found by an Assassin Agency. They trained them to be master assassins and when the leader found out about their powers, especially Laiteas's, he used them to do all of his 'dirty work'. When she and Ashley tried to escape from the Assassin Agency, Ashley was able to escape, but Laiteas was captured. She stayed for a few years until killing most of the people there and escaping. She lived on her own for awhile, getting a few 'under the table' jobs until she heard about her cousin being an Avenger. She followed a few trails and they somehow led to James, one of the Avengers' major villians and the creep that wanted Ashley for her powers (and other things). Thinking that he could somehow reconnect her with Ashley, Laiteas tracked down James, which led her to the government agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. She didn't really trust them at first, but they promised her that she could see Ashley once she helped them. She agreed and worked on a few projects with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Just as Laiteas was becoming comfortable at S.H.I.E.L.D., the director at the Assassin Agency had found her and was coming after her. She decided to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect everyone and isolated herself from everyone again. Instead of isolation, though, she ended up with the X-Men and managed to even befriend a few of them (Wolverine included). She was offered a posistion on the team, but she declined since she still needed to reunite with her cousin. About a year and a half later, she found James, got the information she needed, and left him for dead. She went back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and after answering some of Director Fury's questions, got to reunite with Ashley, meet the new team, and become an Avenger herself.

After S.H.I.E.L.D.Edit

After becoming an Avenger, Laiteas, later nicknamed Lai, soon found out that

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being an Avenger was a lot more difficult than it seemed. There were a lot more whack jobs than she was used to, and then there was the issue of her cousin being consumed by the Phoenix Force and her boyfriend (Jethro Kanto) getting switched out with one from a different dimension (Jet Kanto). Lai spent a lot of her time with down in the lab with Bruce Banner, who after the catastophic battle that ended the Avengers lost 'the other guy' and all of the Gama radiation. During the Phoenix Force mess, Lai decided to take it upon herself to absorb the Gama radiation that had been release from Banner's body after the battle, becoming She-Hulk. Lai still had all of her original powers, but with the Gama, gained some new ones, such as turning into a green version of herself and shooting Gama bolts from her hands. She was able to track the Force with the Gama and found that it was heading for Malibu Mansion. By the time she got there, the original Jethro was there, along with Jet, crowding around around a slightly frazzled Ashley, who had taken in the Phoenix Force. Now, a few months after the Phoenix Force incident, everything is mostly normal (well, as normal as the Avengers could get) and there are many more surprises in store for Lai and the others (may I mention a wedding or two?).


  • Ashley Roberts: Cousin
  • Tommy (no last name): Nephew
  • Jethro Kanto: Future Cousin-In Law
  • Phantom: Boyfriend
  • Adam Lacrosse: Former employer


  • "'s SO scary."
  • "Is she always like this?"
  • "My knight in shining armor...that wears a cape."


  • Reads books and listens to music nonstop; you can almost always find her nose in a book or earbuds in her ear
  • Absolutely LOVES Andrew Llyod Webber