Liam Payzer (Liam Payne from One Direction :D )

Liam PayzerEdit

A quiet, young man from England, he's tried to avoid any form of physical contact.


Born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, with the name of Charles Wentworth, Liam was just a normal kid with strict British parents. His social activities were very limited, but he didn't mind. He was never very good at making friends. But, he never thought that soon it would be so hard for him to even get close to people.

When he was fourteen, he painfully found out he had a mutation when he hugged his mum after school. This kind gesture killed his mother. Shocked, he paniced and ran to his room to hide from his father. When his father eventually came home and found his wife dead, he went in search of his son, hoping the killer didn't kill his son as well. Liam's father found him in his room, in a far corner. When he knelt down beside his son, and tried to reach out to him, Liam told him to stop. When asked why, he told his father that it was him who had killed his mother. His father couldn't, or wouldn't, believe that Liam had a mutation. He called the local authorities to pick up his son.

When he over heard this, Liam fled. He caught a ride on a ship heading for the United States and changed his name to Liam Payzer to hide his identity. Once in the US, he took what ever job he could find, as long as it didn't involve touching another human being.

One night, as he was walking down a street, he was caught in the middle of a bar fight between a vigilante (who was not drinking) and a criminal (who was drinking). When the criminal swung to punch Liam, he held up his hands in defense. This, of course, killed the criminal. A witness called the police after seeing how "dangerous" Liam was. The vigilante, Spider-Man, helped Liam escape. The two became quick friends, and became a team.

After the persistance of Spider-Man, Liam chose to join the Avengers. Though he was never officially recruited, he still went on missions and whatnot.


Liam's battle suit is very similar to that of Batman's, just without all of the bat-like things.

When not in battle, Liam will wear a simple long sleeve t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans, and Converse.


He is very quiet, especially when he's uncomfortable. But, once he gets used to his surroundings, he'll let loose and have fun.


Karen and Geoff Wentworth-parents/mother is deceased/father's status unknown

Vienna Flynn- ex-girlfriend/ally

Peter Parker/Spider-Man-best friend/ally

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers When he touches someone, whether he has the protection of clothing or not, he will kill someone. But, if someone touches his skin, they will die

Abilities He has a beautiful singing voice, and plays the guitar.


"I need to see if I'll make it on the team. If I do, then I'll we'll be spending a lot of time together...on the battlefield, of course." -To Vienna Flynn

"I have an idea, but, due to my probationary status, I don't think I'm allowed to do it,"

"But I don't want to loose you. I'd rather give up everything in the world if it meant I could be with you."

"Why? What's the point in acting when you feel nothing on the inside."


He calls Vienna "dear" to tease her...sometimes.

He fell in love with Vienna when he first layed eyes on her.

So far, only Lucia can touch him without dying as long as she's in her ghost form.

His theme song is "Tightropes" by Yeasayer.

Him and Vienna's song is "They Don't Know About Us" by One Direction

Him and Vienna's ship name is Fayzer :)

The Carter kids call him "Sir Liam," claiming he's like a knight, or, in Sofia's mind, a fireman.