Luke White

Luke White is somewhat of a villain when the Reassembled Avengers meet him. Inhabiting the body of Dark Phantom, he infiltrates the Avengers and learns their ways and security. Employed by a group of highly paying thugs, Luke tries to take down all of Stark Industries from the inside out using an advanced computer virus he created. He almost succeeded! But it was all for a more personal cause.


Name: Luke White
Alias: Parasite

Age: 25


Personality: His is almost completely lost because of spending so much time inside someone else, but when himself, he is cold, quiet, calculating, sly and cunning. However, he feels a deep, limitless, unwavering love for one woman and would do anything in the world for her. His whole personality changes when around Clara.

Powers: Luke's power is to leave his own body and invade someone else's. He does not have to take control right away. He can live inside another person for months before taking control. It is impossible for the invaded person to know he is there unless he is taking over and even harder to get him out if he wants to stay.

Weapons: Whomever's body he is using, knife, pistol.

Abilities: He is an absolute genius when it comes to computers. He even rivals the late Tony Stark. Luke was able to create a special virus that would devour Stark's security, not break through it, before devouring everything else in the database.

Short bio: Luke grew up in a town and in a family that really did not except mutants. His power is an odd one and it took him a long time to take control of it. He grew up with Clara, a regular human, and she was the only one who knew of his power, until he was 12. His younger brother found out and told the town. Luke was forced to run away, leaving Clara behind. He came back for her a few years later, asking her to come away with him. She did. But Luke had made enemies in his time away and they hunted him and Clara. Three years ago, Clara was abducted and taken prisoner. Luke knew he would have to do something bigger and cleverer than ever before to save her. He needed a body with more powers, and criminal connections.

Other: Although dubbed Parasite (not by his choosing), Luke hates parasitic bugs. Or just bugs in general. He's okay with snakes, but spiders, ants, corn bugs and dragon flies? No way!


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