Marius Grey wasn't much of a hero before the Avengers, in fact, he was a for hire Most Wanted criminal for theft, murder, treason, fraud, aiding and abetting convicts, illegal trade, impersonating an officer, possession of drugs, smuggling and many other things. On a chance mission to steal something from the Avenger tower, he met some of the team and Laiteas. He was offered a spot on the team and decided to try it out.


Real Name: Marius Peter Grey

Aliases: Dark Phantom, Phantom, Shadow, Demon, Shadow Herald, Dark One

Identity: Known to SHIELD

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Place of birth: Spencer, Massachusetts

Occupation: Thief, assassin, smuggler, impersonater and vigilante for hire, Avengers member

Known relatives: Mariana Grey (mother), Cassius LaRoux (brother), Peter LaRoux (father)

Group affiliations: Avengers, NYPD and every crime ring you have and haven't heard of

Education: Normal schooling up until college. Studied theater, vocals and acting though.

Physical attributes: Height: 6'5", Weight: 199, Skin: pale but covered in tattoos, Hair: black, Eyes: purple

Powers: The power to phase into any other person, animal and possibly things that he has seen with his own eyes. Not only assuming the form, but the powers and mental being. He has his own mental powers, the ability to glide, but not fly, control over shadows and the power to travel through shadows.

Abilities: Very skilled in hand to hand combat, judo,jujitsu and rule-less street fighting. He is good with weapons and is very agile.

Weapons: His powers mostly, but he has a black short sword strapped to his leg, black throwing stars, a bo staff that doubles as a spear and two black pistols.

Paraphernalia: His serum and a needle.

Phantom of the DarkEdit

Phantom of the Dark is the title of the novel/fanfiction about Dark Phantom written by Julia T. The story tells of the changes Marius went through to become the criminal Dark Phantom. It starts with the story of his first crime, when he was just a small boy, and continues to tell stories of pivotal points in his life.


Few people outside of the Avengers know what Marius really looks like, since he changes his appearance so frequently. For his criminal contacts, he has a specific person he phases into. A young man from his hometown who died too young. They weren't friends, but they both had dark hair and the same build.

When Marius was very young, before his shadow powers had fully grown, he had much lighter hair and brown eyes. As he grew older, he darkened and his eyes turned purple. His father was shocked by it, since he only saw his eldest son every six months or so. He shunned Marius further until Cassius also started showing signs of mutations.

Marius is tall enough, standing at 6' 2". His hair is a deep black and is always unruly and untamed. He is kind of pale, and it only sets off his tattoos more.

Marius's tattoos cover his entire body, minus his face (most of the time), in intricate patterns. They really aren't tattoos. They're more like brands. But they mark him as owned by someone, like someone would tattoo an animal they owned. They cover him from feet, to hands, to collar bone. There are tattoos on his face, buut thy're  invisible unless he is channeling an enormous amount of power.

He has mixed feelings about his tattoos. He knows having them gives him more power, but he hates being scarred in such a way, marked like property. Recently, his tattoos have started glowing black, which is odd, and moving over his body, landing in different patterns. The process is incredibly painful.



"Boy," I decided. Bitches were just trouble.
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Phantom in Action

"While we're fighting battles I'll scream "Feel the wrath of Klondike!!!"