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Matt Cooper/Storm (Liam Hemsworth)

Matt CooperEdit

The Avenger who's supposed to be dead, an ex-CIA agent, and found his way to the Avengers Reassembled. This is Matthew Cooper, aka Storm.

Before Avengers ReassembledEdit

Matt was a CIA agent, living in New York, about to marry Lucy Brooks, when he was captured on a mission. He was tested on for days with darker versions of the Super Soldier Serum, designed to create people with abnormal abilities. He gained his powers and broke out, escaping to get away and reverse his powers. Matt was declared dead soon after. He struggled for a while with controlling his powers, and almost went insane. The worst was when he couldn't block out the emotions around him and succumbed to the strongest emotion at the time (darkness), letting it take over him and his powers. He finally gained control of his powers and the people who tested on him were revealed to be his (former) best friend, Jackson Blake (now known as Marauder), a weapons tech at the CIA. Marauder revealed that he also had powers. They fought and Matt eventually won, and gained his superhero name: Storm.

Avengers ReassembledEdit

Matt came back to New York, looking for the Avengers Reassembled, hoping to join. He met Melanie Caine, who helped him and they have romantic feelings for each other. He also met Rizzo that same day and they are friends. Later, when on a date with Melanie, something happened and they were both upset. He went to go visit Lucy, his ex and realized he loved Melanie, not Lucy. He went back to the Tower and reconnected with Melanie. Participated in the Best Man Games. Fought against Gala when she brought back old foes and brought Melanie out of the mind controlling spell Loki placed on her. When Melanie asked about Lucy, he told her a little bit about Lucy, and started wondering if he had a kid that he never knew about. Was brought into the Illusion, and saw Lucy with his young son, Matthew Jr. Matthew Jr. had Matt's dark hair and Lucy's blue eyes. But then, Lucy changed into Melanie and his son's eyes changed from blue to green. Melanie's son was named Lucas.


He is 6'1, with piercing gray eyes, and dark (almost black) brown hair. He likes the colors black, gray, and blue, so will be often seen wearing those colors.

When on a mission, he wears a black bulletproof vest with many pockets and has a lot of weapons hidden inside, along with a black shirt, black pants, and black tennis shoes.

When not on a mission, he usually wears a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers or tennis shoes.


Matt is sarcastic, cheerful, bold, mischievious, cheeky, and friendly. A people person. Sensitive to emotions, and a good listener. He can be serious when needed, and is a good friend. Can keep a secret.


Lucy Brooks-ex fiancee

Natalie Cooper-mother (deceased)

Richard Lucas Cooper-father (desceased)

Melanie Caine-girlfriend/ally


Maya Cooper-daughter


As he has the hero name Storm, he can control the weather into doing whatever he wants. The weather will usually reflect his mood. Matt can also sense emotions, but has learned to block them out. He can locate someone by reaching out mentally to sense their emotions. He can tell who has what emotions, everyone has unique emotions. He has a special connection with Melanie so that if she is feeling strongly about something and she has a memory attached to it, he will be able to see the memory. He is also semi immortal, which means that he will live longer than a normal human, and will not age as fast, but he will die one day. He is 50, but looks 29.


"Stay safe, Lucy." -when he visited his ex, Lucy, after a long time

"Remind me not to get on your bad side." -to Melanie after she beat Loki.

"Two geniuses owning a badass restaurant...this is going to be fun!" -to Rizzo when planning their restaurant/catering 'Lectric Storm Food and Catering'


  • Matt likes coffee, and zapping popcorn with lightning
  • The shipping name for Matt and Melanie is Melt :)
  • One of his favorite snacks is bacon and chocolate