Melanie Caine

Melanie Caine/Mischief (Zooey Deschanel)

Melanie CaineEdit

The daughter of Loki, an Avenger and a SHIELD agent, and a former villain. Melanie Artemis Caine (aka Mischief) has had a difficult, long life, and wants to make up for her past.

Before Avengers ReassembledEdit

Melanie grew up in San Francisco, raised by her mother and not knowing who her father was. She obtained her bachelor's degree in journalism at San Francisco State University and worked for small newspapers for a while, before becoming Tony Stark's assistant. She worked there for a few months until SHIELD came investigating an energy surge similar to Thor and Loki's. They found out it was Melanie and took her to New Mexico to meet Jane Foster and Dr. Erik Selvig. They went to the site where Thor and his friends had come to Earth by the Bifrost, and Melanie was transported to Asgard. She met Thor and decided to stay on Asgard for a little while. Melanie was shown around Asgard by Thor, later that night, a portal opened up in Melanie's room to a realm where Loki ruled over. She stayed there and worked for him, focusing her powers and using them to help him. He gave her the crown she still has today, and taught her how to use it. She attacked the Avengers more than once, before finally being captured. It was then revealed that Loki had brainwashed her with an unknown type of magic. She was released from it, and joined the Avengers. Melanie fought with the Avengers against Loki and the Other, and helped the Avengers win. Loki was taken back to Asgard, and the Other escaped. Melanie now had a choice: to stay with the Avengers and go back to her old job as Tony Stark's assistant, or leave the Earth. She chose to leave the Earth, promising that she would come back if needed. She traveled between worlds for years, and finally returned to Earth about a decade after she had left.

Avengers ReassembledEdit

Melanie was surprised to find out that it had been at least a decade since she left. She joined the Avengers Reassembled, choosing to stay on Earth. Ashley and Zephyr met her when she first came to the Tower, and Valli Halvorson attacked her. Valli still doesn't completely trust her, but most do, including old friends Isabella and Leslie Stark. She often wondered who she would stand with if it came to a fight between Loki and the Avengers. Melanie was on a date with Matt when something happened and they were both hurt. She went to the Tower and shut off her emotions, but then Matt came back and they are now in a relationship together. When Gala brought back old enemies, Melanie faced Loki, who put her under a mind controlling spell to force her to join him. Matt snapped her out of it, and she defeated Loki. She was brought into the Illusion, and in the Illusion, a fake Matt proposed to her, and they were married, with Loki to walk her down the aisle. Melanie and the fake Matt went on their honeymoon, and then the real Matt came and found Melanie.


Melanie is 5'11, with a slender build like her father, green eyes, and pure black shoulder length layered hair. She prefers the colors green, black, and gold, so she will often be wearing those colors. When not on a mission, she wears comfortable jeans, her scepter in bracelet or necklace form, a t-shirt, and flats.

When on a mission, she has golden armor, black long sleeved shirt and pants on underneath, with her scepter (that is identical to Loki's), and a green cape. Sometimes, she'll create a helmet that looks like Loki's.

She can become Frost Giant, like her father, and when Frost Giant, her skin turns blue, and her eyes red. She appears to be about 28, but is actually in her 40's.


She is quiet, calm, and peaceful, for the most part. Melanie will sometimes make sarcastic comments if she feels stressed or upset. She has her father's "silver tongue", so to speak, and is good with words.


Elizabeth Marie Caine-mother

Loki Laufeyson-father

Matt Cooper-boyfriend/ally

Tony Stark-friend/former boss

Pepper Potts-friend

Thor Odinson-uncle/ally


Melanie has inherited many of Loki's powers, and can create holograms of herself, turn invisible, skilled with magic, and can change her outfit by focusing. She is semi immortal, which means that she will live much longer life than regular humans will, and will look much younger than she actually is. She is also half Frost Giant, so when she becomes a Frost Giant, she can freeze people or things and create an ice dagger in her hand. Due to being half Frost Giant, she does not feel cold, but during the winter time, she will wear a coat as to not look suspicious.


"You never bring Matt into this. Ever. A piece of advice: I will always choose him over you."-to Loki when he came back and threatened Matt.


  • Melanie loves chocolate.
  • Is known as "Mel" to friends and family.
  • She has mixed feelings about Thor, as when she was trying to find answers about who she was, he kept from her that she was Loki's daughter.
  • Melanie doesn't believe that Loki is pure evil, and does love him, even though he brainwashed her into doing his evil bidding. After all, he is the only father she's ever had.
  • Her hero name Mischief was chosen because her father is the god of mischief
  • The shipping name for Melanie and Matt is Melt :)
  • Loki does not approve of her relationship with Matt