Real name: Rizzo (no last name)

Aliases: Lectric, Riz, Spark, Volta, Charger, Deadline,

Identity: Known only to the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Place of birth: Unknown

Occupation: Avenger, inventor, former assassin

Known relatives: Aliana Carter (fiance), Sofia Carter (daughter), James Carter (son), Naomi Carter (daughter)

Group affiliations: Avengers

Education: Self taught genius in many subjects. No formal education whatsoever.

Physical attributes: Height 6' 0", weight 198, Hair: dark brown and always sparking. Eyes: brown with green flecks.

Powers: Power over electricity, electrical things, to become electricity. He can zap into electrical sockets or machines and control them. Immortal as long as there is power.

Abilities: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, quick thinking and inventiveness.

Weapons: His mind and powers. Guns, knives and whatever is handy.

Paraphernalia: Metal bracelets, special sunglasses and endless things, gizmos, junk, tibits and inventions in his pockets.


Rizzo thinks himself a big man. Kind of like a chihuahua thinks itself a doberman. His brown hair is spiky, messy and always looks like he stuck his finger in a socket, which is why he wears a beret. He wears white and green clothes, various bracelets and sometimes a tie. Rizzo has a few scars, but none are very prominent. He has a tattoo of a cross on his shoulder.


Rizzo Is almost always grinning. He is a very excited, nice, happy, kind guy. Willing to help and crack a joke at any time, sometimes it's hard to take him seriously. Fatherhood is a very serious thing to him. He adores his family and does anything and everything he can to take care of them. He can connect with a computer, electric line or something else and spread his consciousness out. That can make him terribly loopy and crazy if not vague.


Rizzo is another test tube baby. He was designed as an infiltration agent for an underground institution. Along with Jethro Kanto and others, he was raised as an assassin. For the equivalent of nine human years of training and seven more of active duty Rizzo was known as Volta, the prize mole of the institution.

Unfortunately, the development of these experimental agents was still in the dark stages. Rizzo's internal wiring wasn't completely point A to point B. Because of that he often had meltdowns of varying degrees. After a significant mission was blown on his account, he was dubbed a Deadline (a dead charge) and retired.

With nothing to do and no one to do it with, he started acting out. The head of his training, Dr. Wells, decided Rizzo needed something to occupy his time. Rizzo was given books and punishments if not completed for schooling.

After about a year of retirement and disuse he got word of an escape plan. Intrig{{Infobox
  • Rizzo again with his "special" watch
  • Rizzo with Claire's bracelet on
  • Lectric (Rizzo) portrayed by James Franco
  • He always has his hands in his pockets!
}}ued, Rizzo offered to help. Jethro, Damon, Fantine and Jephthah agreed to break Rizzo out with them if he could just "Shut his trap and keep it shut."

The escape plan was edited and carried out, but not without loss. Damon and Fantine were terminated in the process. Jephthah was heartbroken and quickly disappeared (he later showed up across the contry). Rizzo and Jethro teamed up for a few months, living on the streets as an awkward and deadly pair. Jethro decided to try life on his own and left Rizzo in a small town in Arizona.

Rizzo, being scattered and innocent, started using his powers to fix up the town's systems. A multi-million dollar company's CEO was vacationing in the area and accidentally met Rizzo when he exploded out of the wall. Now hired, Rizzo took on the name of Spark. He wormed for the company for a few years before taking up more jobs to fix computer systems that belonged to differed companies.

During that time Rizzo devoured all books he could get and soaked up every bit of scientific knowledge that he could, making himself practically genius.

A few peaceful years passed before Rizzo got word of Jethro again. He was part of a super hero team called the Avengers. Rizzo was in the middle of deciding whether to go see Jethro or not when an old 'friend' showed up. Dr. Wells somehow tracked Rizzo down and tried to convince him to return to the Blacks. Rizzo declined and barely escaped with his life. While fleeing, he decided to go visit Jethro in New York.

Jethro.was extremely surprised and suspicious to see Rizzo, but he let him stay for a few days. Rizzo quickly met Aliana, Clint Barton's niece, and they didn't hit it off. Ali literally turned tail and ran. Enraptured, Rizzo stayed for longer than anyone planned just to get to know Aliana. He soon fell in love with her. Clint didn't like Rizzo, and said he was, "Too sparky and scatterbrained. You can do so much better than him!"

Undeterred, Rizzo kept dating Aliana until the team was split up. He went back to work, unknowing that Ali was pregnant. Their daughter, Sofia, was born and for years, Rizzo didn't see her. He tried to visit Ali, but it didn't really work out until the team reassembled, with Sofia almost all grown up.

Rizzo fell more in love with Ali and his daughter. He actually asked Aliana to marry him (finally) the day she told him she was pregnant again.