Sam Starok (portrayed by Drew Roy)

Sam Starok was around in the Avengers with Ashley and Jethro. One day on a mission, Sam disappears. They later find his dead body. Then, 15 years later, Sam mysteriously returns.

Before the AvengersEdit

Sam was born in the small town of Warsaw, North Carolina. His parents abandoned him at the age of 5 once they discovered their son was 'one of those wretched mutants'. Sam, not really for sure what to do, flew into the sky and kept flying until he passed out. He fell (rather uncerimoniously) into the life of Doctor Strange. At first, Strange wanted nothing to do with a little orphan boy, but he eventually took him in. Strange helped Sam develop his powers and taught him how to use them properly along with teaching him basic martial skills and other fighting techniques. Soon, Sam was controlling the powers of the sky and the powers of time and space. Strange continued to mentor Sam and be a father to him until Sam was 16, which at that point, both Strange and Sam agreed that it was time for him to see the world and live in it.

Sam flew around the world for about two years, trying to find out what he was supposed to do in the world. He had a hard time though because he was a mutant, but even then, other mutants seem to shy away from Sam. Apparently controlling the sky and all of time and space was a bit weird, even for mutant standards. Sam started to loose hope and got desperate, so he did under the table jobs, doing whatever was thrown his way. One job landed him in a giant forest and Sam got terribly and hopelessly lost. Sam wandered around the forest for several hours, trying to find his way. But after awhile, Sam figured that he was never going to get out of the forest (of course, he had never thought of flying out) and that this forest was abandoned.

Then a giant, over-sized wolf came out of nowhere and attacked him.

The AvengersEdit

After being attacked by a giant wolf, Sam was knocked out (both from a panic attack and hitting his head against a rock). When he woke up, he was in a medical ward and there was a tall girl with black hair and silver eyes sitting in the corner of the room. She smiled a little when he woke up and explained to Sam that her name was Ashley, she had attacked him in the woods, and that she was an Avenger. She felt bad about attacking him, but since Sam was trespassing onto the Avenger's land, she didn't know what his intentions. She also started to laugh and tease him about screaming like a little girl before passing out.

Once Sam was well enough to walk around, Ashley gave him the tour of the Avengers Mansion. From there, he met Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Captain America, Hawkeye, Jethro Kanto, and a few of the other Avengers there. After being shown around and meeting the Avengers, Sam met one last person: Nick Fury. Ashley (already reading Sam's mind and discovering what his abilities were) explained to Fury what Sam could do, and Fury was impressed. Fury said that if Sam wanted to, Sam could be on the team. Sam accepted and from then he was an Avenger. 

Sam went on countless adventures with the Avengers, and Sam finally felt like he had found where he belonged and what he was supposed to be doing in life. 

Then there was the mission that would change everything.

On one of the missions, there was an ugly fight and Sam (of course) got stuck right in the middle of it. He had been fighting extremely hard and was using one of Strange's techniques to not only shield himself but the others as well from the attacks. Sam's defenses fell and in an atmept to bring them back up, he and the others recieved a deadly blast. Sam took the hit from both his and everyone's blast, and it ended up killing him. His body disappeared during the blast and once the fight was over, all of the Avengers went around trying to find Sam. A few days later, they found Sam's dead body near his hometown, Warsaw. Everyone was sad to loose such a great team member and great friend, but being heroes and all, their lives carried on. Little did they know that Sam dying was only the beginning of something extrodinary.

What Happened In Between...Edit

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Avengers ReassembledEdit

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  • Slightly cocky
  • Stubborn
  • Hardheaded
  • Can be a bit of an asshole
  • Caring
  • Well mannered
  • Fun person to hang out with


  • Controls anything having to do with the sky/weather
  • Controls all of time and space
  • Abnormally strong, but doesn't have super strength
  • Gets math and science concepts easily


  • Ashley Roberts: Friend
  • Doctor Strange: Mentor/Trainer/The closest thing he had to a father


  • Is a fan of Star Trek
  • Is frequently called 'Treky' by Ashley
  • Loves painting/drawing spacescapes


  • "Seriously? It's been 15 years and you still haven't gotten over calling me Treky?"
  • "Sorry, but the last time I came into the garage without permission you almost ripped my head off."
  • "Eh, beige isn't really my color."