Senta Talone (maiden name: Kohler) Alias: Victory (portrayed by Jessica Lowndes).

Senta Talone (maiden name; Kohler), alias; Victory is a mutant that makes her voice hypnotic if she wants and highly skilled with magical jewelry that she wears, she is also immortal, age 23, and skilled with a sword. Senta is married to her fellow team member Zach Talone, Gryffin.


Born Senta Kohler, a mutant with a hypnotic voice. Both her parents were German, hence the German name. She has lived in America her whole life, currently living in New York City and currently either resides in her and Zach's appartment or Avengers Tower.

At a young age she realized that power her voice had over others and at first abused her power but eventually learned to use it wisely. She also realized her ability for magic and began collecting and creating magical jewelry which she wears on a regular basis. Senta is also well trained with a magical sword that she carries at her hip at almost all times. Her jewlelry enables her to time travel, change her appearance, and many other things.

Senta spent most of her life fighting crime she comes across and going on adventures using her jewelry and hypnotic voice. One day she met Zach Talone and they began dating. They were both mutants with magical powers and became very close. They went on adventures, fought crime, and many other things. Eventually Zach proposed and Senta said yes. They were married on a beach.

Senta and Zach continues to go on adventues and fight crime until one day they were separated for some unknown reason. Zach lost all his memories and Senta was only left with a few. Durring their separation somebody branded most of Senta's body with an incantation in an ancient language. They both began searching for something unknown to them at the moment and later realized was each other. Jay ended up finding Senta wandering around New York and brought her back to the Avengers Reassembled where she became part of the team.  Zach had been brought to the same place and they began talking to each other. Zach translated some of the incantation on her body and the two began going on adventues again.

After their second adventure they both realized that they knew each other from somewhere. Using her hypnotic voice Senta made them remember their lives and the time they spent together. They now know that they are married to each other and are still pieceing their pasts together.


Senta, naturally, has very pale skin and long, black hair, braided with beads here and there. She is average height and blue-grey eyes. Her normal outfit varies depending on her mood and what she plans to do that day. However her typical outfit for work consists of dress pants, a blouse, and heels. She always wears some or all of her jewlery in case the need to use it arised. Her battle suit is a suit of light silver, shining armor that has designs on it along with sea blue gems and onyx.


Very clever, quirky, bold, stealthy, and very deadly if she wants you dead.


Zach Talone- husband

Rowan Talone- son (deceased)

Unnamed baby boy- son (deceased)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magical jewlelry.


Hypnotic voice.

Basic fighting skills.


'I still think my shield in your face is cuter.' (to Zach Talone)

'What's your last name again?' (to Zach Talone after they remembered their wedding)

'Why can't I remember? Why am I lost?'


The only non magical pieces of jewelry she wears are her engagment ring and wedding ring.

Loves rum.