Sofia Carter (Portrayed by Bailee Madison)

Sofia CarterEdit

Daughter of Aliana and Rizzo, she strives to become like those in her family before her. Though she's experiencing power changes, and typical preteen stuff, she wants to stay strong.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sofia was hidden from mostly everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. for her safety. Her mother was unsure of what would happen if she was ever revealed. Aliana didn't want to take any chances.

Sofia was only six years old when Hawkeye died, but she didn't really know what was going on. One thing she remembers from that time is seeing a man her mother later said was Rizzo. From that moment on, she knew that he was her father.

Sofia and her mother lived in New York after Hawkeye's death. Sofia then had to go through the things normal kids went through, but, like her mother, she was a mutant. When her mutant powers manifested, she was on a field trip with her fourth grade class. She was looking at the elephants when her teacher called her. Oblivious to this, Sofia stayed where she was. Her teacher stormed over to where young Sofia was, but stopped short when the child suddenly disappeared. Sofia saw her teacher looking around her, calling, "Sofia!" Thinking it was a game, she walked up to her teacher and tapped her. Sofia reappeared, having come out of the shadow of a tall tree. Her teacher reported the incident to the principle, and sent Sofia home early.

Aliana had to consider whether or not to send Sofia to the Xiaver Institute, but quickly disposed of the idea, remembering how tensions were tight between her and the X-Men. Sofia didn't mind not being sent to the Institute. She rather have her mother teach her the things she would need to know.

On her tenth birthday, Aliana took Sofia to Coney Island where she was kidnapped by Loki. He claimed to want the girl for some reason, but the reason was naver made clear. Sofia escaped before any harm could be done, and returned home to her apartment, where her mother was nervously calling the police.

After that, Aliana swore no one would hurt her daughter ever again. But, when they were recruited to the Avengers, that promise seemed impossible to keep.

Currently, Sofia is eleven, and trying to be cool with no longer being the only Carter child.


Sofia has black hair which she has grown out from it's shoulder length. She has green eyes entwined with some

Shadow in full battle gear

blue and she's about 5'4" in height. When in battle, she'll wear a skin tight, black suit, which has a "high-tech" crossword puzzle, in the words of Nick Fury, pattern across some of it, with combat boots. The pattern can change from white to blue, green or red. When at home, which is now the Stark Tower, she'll wear a blue light sweatshirt with jeans and flipflops.


Sofia is a typical kid, but she loves to play pranks, no thanks to her dad. Despite this, she can be very sweet, and will help in anyway she can. But, if she thinks she's been wronged by anyone, she will throw a fit. She loves being in the action of things, and if she can't, she feels very helpless.


Eclispe/Aliana Carter- mother

Lectric/Rizzo- father

Naomi- sister

James jr.- brother

Rogue/Anne Marie- aunt

Gambit/Remy LaBeau- uncle

Joker/Claire LaBeau- cousin, deceased

Ghost/Amythest (Freydis)- cousin, deceased

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Sofia has the ability to create things from shadows. She can even turn herself into objects in order to hurt/help another person. If she is in the shadows, she can turn herself invisible. She's working on taking the invisibility out of the shadows. An ability she inherited from her father was electricty. With this, she can teleport anywhere she wishes. When she teleports, she will pixlelate, then be gone. Since she cannot fully control this power yet, she will occaisionally glitch, which is pixlelating without teleporting, or she will teleport to random places (mainly Stark Tower's roof). She has learned, though, how to use her electricity to create weapons, such as discuses or swords. She is currently working on using electricity to fly.


Like her mother, she is highly trained in the martial arts, ranking second degree in traditional karate. Sofia is also a talented archer, though she is not as skilled as her mother or her uncle. She also has an amazing voice that people have yet to hear.


"Oh.My.Gosh. awesome! My mom has told me so much about you and the others, but I never thought I'd meet a real Avenger! Well, besides my mom, but she's my mom. Oh, I want to be an Avenger soooooo bad!" (to Leslie Stark)

A quirky prankster, like her father.

"Mom, she needs to stay, and like, you know, yeah!"

"Jr. Avenger Shadow is ready for training!"

"Sorry, Lai, but...You should have seen your face!" (To Lai after pranking her during Christmas)

"JARVIS calls me 'Young Miss Carter' because my mom is still 'Miss Carter' but she'll be 'Mrs. whatever' soon, I hope. Anyway, you were saying?" (To Thor while on Asgard)

"Yes! And dude, you need to work on your american accent." (To Lucia, the French "hipster")

"Oh, just go with him! Gosh, you guys arguing is worse than watching a soap opera!" -To Vienna and Liam

"The video version of instagram, duh! Get with the times mom!"

"Hey! I'm flipping awesome! Not a lightbulb!"


Sofia had been kidnapped twice, the first time by Loki, the second by Alex Canon. This is when Canon revealed to Sofia that Rizzo really was her father.

When the Avengers went to Arizona to battle Joker, that was the first time Sofia had ever seen her cousin.

After the battle in Arizona, Sofia realized she had a slight crush on Tommy, since he was the only other kid around. She still has a crush on him, but she's hoping he'll end up more like her brother than her boyfriend.

An over amount of sugar consumption will make her overly hyper, and she will glitch and teleport to the weirdest places.

She knows Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sandman on a first name basis.

She is overly obsessed with the Muppets.

Her, her sister, and her mother share a love for One Direction.

Sofia sees Vienna as her older sister.

She can be somewhat sassy sometimes, and as she puts it, she learned from the "Sassmasta of Doncasta!"

She is a Danosaur.

She's upset that Tommy is older because now he's a lot cuter, and it will take forever to get over him now. Oh well, poor Sofia.