The Elves mentioned are just the elves of Zephyr's family. His adopted brothers, mother and father. Linden is the leader of the community he and his family live in, making Boreas his heir.


Linden is the leader of the elders of the fourth world. He is the elf who found Zephyr when he first appeared in the elf world. Linden was still hopeful that they would find his lost son, so he was perfectly willing to adopt Zephyr until they could find his family. Linden taught Zephyr some of the ways of the human world as he was growing up.

Linden noticed and felt badly about Zephyr's unhappiness throughout his childhood and cared all the more for him. Linden welcomes Zephyr and Jay openly.


Freylia is Linden's wife and the mother of Boreas, the twins and Bastian. Zephyr's adoptive mother. She was heartbroken and distrought at the lost of her youngest son. She hated that they could find Zephyr and not her son. She was frozen to all her sons for a year or so, and longer still to Zephyr. Finally, she woke up and literally put her arms around Zephyr. She treated him like her own baby, but Zeph didn't forget how much she hated him at first. She welcomes Zeph back for visits and finds Jay interesting.


Boreas is Zephyr's oldest and favorite brother. He welcomed Zeph quickly as a little brother. As the heir to leadership of his tribe or world, he was quite busy studying or traveling with his father, even at a young age, but he always looked out for "Little Zeph."

He is courting Talinda and is almost ready to ask her to marry him.

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Notus is the twin to Eurus, they look alike in features except eye color. That is where their similarities end. Notus is the older twin. He and Zephyr got along fairly well during childhood, mostly because they could work together and not talk to much. Notus is shy too, ut not so badly as Zephyr. Notus loves bows as much and Zeph and had chosen to become a bow maker. He likes when Zeph visits and also likes his extremely odd human girlfriend.

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