Tony's Angels is the unnofficial name of a group of women with close relations to Tony Stark, whom he trusted not only while he was alive but also to carry on his legacy after his death. The group consists of Leslie Stark (Iron Woman) his sister, Isabella Stark (Chrome) his niece/heiress and Jessica Moon/Jay (Night) his former teammate and lover. Pepper Potts (wife) is an honorary member. The group name is a play on 'Charlie's Angels.'


After Tony's death, Pepper Potts gathered all his remaining unfinished projects and passed them on to Leslie, Isabella and Jay. Leslie recieved plans on rebuilding the Avengers tower and assembling a new team; Isabella recieved the last of the vital Extremis serum with Tony's hope that she could perfect it and Jay recieved the prototypes of weaponry and other inventions she and Tony had worked on in the past. Pepper explained that, aside from her, these three women (who were all Avengers) were the best choice in continuing that legacy. Currently, the Avengers Reassembled project is a huge success.


Not being a real team, Tony's Angels don't fight crime the way the Avengers do, rather they complete whatever projects Tony Stark left behind.


Leslie Stark

Isabella Stark

Jessica Moon/Jay

Tony Stark (namesake)

Pepper Potts (honorary member/founder)