Valli HalvorsonEdit

Valli is one of the many otherwordly members of the Reassembled Avengers team. He is the first Asgardian to join the group and is Thor's young protege, extremely proficient in battle magic. His cousin is the Asgardian Alyssa.


Although many don't know it, Valli's mother was actually an Asgardian Valkyrie, a battle maiden tasked with bringing fallen warriors to the afterlife. Valkyries are sworn to remain virgins throughout their responsibility. Valli's mother fell in love with an Asgardian warrior and despite the rules, had a child with him in secret. Essentially, Valli was an 'accident', and to protect her and her lover's honor, Valli's mother left them to return to her Valkyrie sisters while Valli was placed in the care of his father. He grew up with a curious mind and an interest in magic although many Asgardians shunned him because of his messed-up parentage.

The Reassembled's first Asgardian member

In his teens, Valli took magic lessons from the best of the best--Amora the Enchantress herself. However, she defected to Loki's side later on, leaving her last magic class (Valli's) half-taught and regarded as dangerous by the rest of the society. Despite this, Valli pursued his studies on his own, becoming a highly powerful battle mage. Among Asgard's young people, he was the most interested in Midgard, learning everything he could about it from Thor's queen Jane Foster. So when Thor learned of the Avengers team being reassembled, he offered to bring an Asgardian to the team in his place. Valli was the only one who volunteered.

Valli arrived in Midgard just as Ashley was acquiring the Phoenix Force and despite initial confusion, he was able to catch on quickly and use his powers to help the team. Later, he ended up returning to Asgard when the Avengers fought Loki and Amora. Valli faced off against his former teacher, finally helping to defeat her. After the battle, Valli helped Thor imprison Loki and Amora in the Isles of Silence and returned to Midgard to join the team. Since then, Valli has been romantically involved with Isabella Stark and adapted quickly and enthusiastically to life in Midgard, learning the mortal's way of life easily. He was one of the few to mistrust Melanie Caine upon her arrival at the team and helped his cousin Alyssa join the Avengers when she came to Midgard.

Recently, Valli was called in to help Asgard with the coming war against the Dark Elves. Reluctantly, Valli joined the front lines with fellow Avenger and light elf Zephyr.


Valli has the generic Asgardian traits--tall, stronger and faster than mortals, and quite damn good-looking. He has midnight-blue eyes and jet black hair, and favors Asgardian wear on Avengers missions; a long-sleeved shirt over breeches and boots and a short cloak, all in varying shades of dark blue. However, he is also quite taken with mortal fashion, and during downtime wears sweaters, sneakers and cargo pants.


Valli is a charismatic, smart and quirky optimist who puts importance in both fighting and magic. Like all Asgardians he has a deep sense of honor and is always willing to do the right thing. He trusts his gut, but also knows the importance of thinking things through. He's fun-loving and quickly adapts to Midgard with an open mind and heart though occassionally he does get culture-shock. Although humble and a follower rather than a leader, Valli is quite confident in himself. Both romantic and sensible, Valli provides the excellent order to Isabella's natural chaos.


Alyssa: Long-lost cousin

Isabella Stark: Love interest. The two are really quite close and affectionate, although they're not as demonstrative with PDA as the other Avengers couples. They provide support to one another and their relationship started on a whim as a mutual affection, gradually growing into the only stable relationship Isabella has ever had.

Unnamed Valkyrie mother; Valli is not close to her

Halvor Tyrson: father

Tyr: grandfather (god of war and justice) Valli is also not close to him.

Zephyr: Best friend

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A talented mage who sepcializes in battle magic, Valli uses magical energy offensively (bolts, rays, spikes) and

The Battle Avatar

defensively (shields and mental wards.) He has some talent in telepathy and is proficient with battle staves and an Asgardian form of Parkour. With a single word or wave of his hand, he can change the appearance of things, make objects explode or catch fire and create small illusions.

Valli's major magical weapon is his self-discovered Battle Avatar, a 100-foot-tall wolf-headed warrior made purely of magical energy that encases and grows around him, allowing him to deal major damage to anything around him. He can also take other people into the avatar to protect them. The Battle Avatar is something he taught himself and didn't have to learn from someone. Both bthe Avatar and his energy manifestations have a dark blue color.

In addition to this, Valli is also pretty good at cooking.


'It's Casino Royale. It's about a British mortal who kicks a lot of ass.'

'We're your family now, Elf Boy!' (to Zephyr)

'Pick something sexy.' (to Isabella)

'Hi, bud. So what's up with this elf war you didn't bother to tell me about?' (to Zephyr)


The only member of the Reassembled Avengers to keep his name instead of using a codename, in the fashion after Thor.

Unlike Thor, Valli hasn't fully retained his Asgardian way of speaking, rather adapting some mortal slang. Though he does slip into his old manner of speech when he's at home or around Alyssa.

Although Valli hasn't seen his mother since he was very young and he seems unaffected by her lack of presence in his life, meeting her again and being close to her is obviously one of his deep-seated wishes as he saw her in the Illusion as willing to make contact with him and accept him.

Valli was an accidental product between two unmarried lovers. Similarly, he wasn't married to Isabella when she found out she was pregnant with his baby. It's about to become a family tradition.