Vienna Flynn (Emma Stone)

Vienna FlynnEdit

An Avenger unlike anyother, she comes from the future. While in "the past", she must decide whether or not to reveal the Avengers' fate to them or not.


Born in a futuristic Manhattan, Vienna Flynn was born into a world were no one ever worried about anything, and it was realitively peaceful. She never questioned anything her parents did, knowing they couldn't possibly be doing anything that would harm her or her borther, Michael. But, as she would so find out, she was very, very wrong.

When she was only fourteen, and her brother was twelve, her family found out Michael was a mutant, and a very powerful one at that. The very parents Vienna thought would always protect them betrayed him. One night, she over heard her parents talking to the head of A.I.M about the handing over of her brother for experimentation. Vienna was furious. She couldn't believe her parents would sent off her brother for such torture! She started right away on a suit that would protect Michael, but also make him powerful enough to defeat any enemy that came his way.
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what the suit looks like when it's not in it's full form.

Taking a small part of his DNA, Vienna created a suit that conformed to his (or the wearer's) body type, and it was also made around the DNA, which is how Michael's power was inhanced. But, to make sure no one else would be able use the suit, Vienna made sure that only she, Michael, and those who had a mutation so close to Michael's it was like they were twins, could use it.

Preparing to give it to him the night before A.I.M was coming, Vienna made it conform to the shape of a box. But when she reached his room that night, she found him dead. She knelt down beside his lifeless body, and wept for what felt like hours until she heard footsteps coming form the hall. Unsure if it was Michael's killers or not, Vienna paniced, and put on the suit. She flew out of the room before who ever was in the hall could find her. After that, she lived on the streets, acting as a viglante while searching the world for her brother's killer.

One night, she read an article about the Avengers. She was so moved by all of their stories, she decided to join them. But when she asked the Director of SHIELD, Jay, if she could, Jay replied that she was too young to join. Vienna was furious, knowing that there had been younger Avengers than her that joined. She made this point clear, but Jay said times were different.

Vienna stormed out of the Stark Tower, and she decided right then that she would prove herself to the Avengers. In an attempt to do so, she released a super villian from prision, and tried to defeat him. But this villian had a different idea. He sent her twenty years in the past to the very year he would rise up.

Currently, Vienna is apart of the Avengers of "the past." She has also revealed the fate of the Avengers to Jay.


Her battle suit is a mix between silver and blue. When she puts the box on her wrist, it spreads across her body, and conforms to her body. It acts much like a survival pod, which is how it was designed.

For leisure clothing, she wears black, ripped jeans and a blue and silver top.


When she needs to be, she will be very serious. But usually she's very fun loving and easy going, going by the motto, "You Only Live Once."


Michael Flynn-brother/deceased

Rachel and Robert Flynn-parents/status unknown

Sofia Carter-rolemodel/best friend/ally

Jay-mother figure/ally

Zephyr-sort of fahter figure/ally

Liam Payzer- ex-boyfriend/ally

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Since her suit was made for her brother, Vienna took on her brother's powers. His powers were lightning and electricity control. Without the suit, Vienna cannot use his powers.

Abilities Before she became a vigilante, she was competing in Dance contests. Her flexibility help her when in battle.


"Hello, I'm Vienna Flynn, and I'm from the future."

"Catching Fire. It's on the cover. Can you not read?" -To Liam Payzer when they first met.

"Liam, Liam, Liam! Can you stop singing please?" -To Liam Payzer

"I only like one. And, he's not in a band, unless there's a secret band you haven't told me about yet."

"Vienna, Vienna Flynn, girl out of time as most people know me."


In her time, all of the Avengers were so much older than her, she had gotten used to calling them by their title (Ex: Mrs, Mr, Ms, or Director in Jay's case). She has yet to break that habit.

She was uncertain whether or not to tell the Avengers their fate, and her decesion was not made easy by Tony Stark, who visited her thanks to Dr. Strange. He told her to either tell no one or tell only one person. Vienna chose the latter.

She has a crush on Liam, but doesn't want to tell him that. She doesn't want to believe that love at first sight is real.

Her theme song is "Live While We're Young" bye One Direction.

Her and Liam's song is "They Don't Know About Us" also by One Direction

Her and Liam's ship name is Fayzer :)

She makes it a religion not to listen to Jay.

She hates it when someone proves her wrong. In her mind, she's always right.