Zephyr is one of the newer members of the team. Years ago, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) met Zephyr as a child and gave him a bow. Having his passion for archery and helping other sparked, Zephyr began his training to one day be good enough to join the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D.


Real Name: Zephyrus Zephaniah Twashii or Gabriel Newton.

Aliases: WestWind, Agent Zephyr, Miss Zephyr.

Identity: Private

Citizenship: U.S.A. and in the seventh Elven world.

Place of Birth: Boulder, Colorado.

Occupation: Team member of Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Known relatives: Possibly Mr. & Mrs. Newton (human parents) , Linden Linidon (Elven father), Freylia Vison (Elven mother), Boreas, Notus, and Eurus (Elven brothers) , Bastian (Linden and Freylia's youngest son) and Jinx (the marten).

Group Affiliations: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Education: Graduated the equivalent to elementary and high school in the Elf world.

Physical Attributes: Height: 7', Weight: 192, Eye: Bright green, Hair: pale blonde

Powers: semi immortal by non aging factor due to living in the Elf world so long, teleporting, Elven magic and the power to Enchant by voice or touch.

Abilities: Skilled with the bow and arrow, agility and an elvish glass knife.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, knife and his marten, Jinx. And a magic trench coat.

Paraphernalia: Unless told otherwise, he never takes off his magic brown trench coat. Inside it he keeps his bow, quiver, Jinx and a mountain of other th
  • Zephyr in full elf garb
  • Zeph while impersonating Robin Hood
  • Partial Inspiration


Growing up in the elf world has made Zephyr very disciplined. Unfortunately, he is very, painfully shy. He is extremely quiet and introverted. He is sweet, kind and caring on the inside and aims to please, but it is hard for him to show anyone that most of the time. He is reluctant to argue or just fight somebody; which is probably why he favors the bow as his weapon of choice. It has taken weeks for him to learn to speak up and stop calling everybody "Ma'am" or "Sir".

Zephyr is very go-with-the-flow and passive. However, inside him there is a rock solid force of anger, resentment and hatred which can be brought out. Much like the Hulk. If it gets bad enough, a dark or black magic will take over the normal magic and turn his eyes, hair and persona black. But Zephyr keeps a lid on it pretty well.


Zephyr is the tallest member of the team, standing at 6'11" with the possibility of growing more even at his age. He is slim, but muscular. His hair is pale blonde and short still. At Jay's suggestion he is letting it grow out although, "If I did that, I'd look like Legolas." His eyes are bright, neon green and are very keen due to his food growing up. Perfect for being an archer. His ears are not pointed since he is human by birth. Everything else has become elvish.

He wears a light brown trench coat all the time. Jinx pretty much lives inside the magic pockets.

If Zephyr channels the dark magic, his hair and eyes turn black as ink. His personality changes too. When the magic connection is cut, all the color will drain away from him, making him pretty much white, and he'll pass out.


Zephyr has human parents, but he was able to learn magic anyway. He is skilled in the Elven for of magic called Enchanting. It was a difficult thing to learn, but it was the only one he could learn without having Elvish blood. Like all things, there is a light and dark. The light part of the magic is all positive and helpful. The dark is all negative energy and rather ambitious. If Zeph is under great stress of having powerful negative emotions he might accidentally channel the dark magic. It can consume the User if wielded long enough.

Zephyr is immortal by a non-aging factor. He was raised in the land of the elves, eating elvish food. He could die if wounded terribly or sickened. But because of his immortality he is also tough. Zephyr can also teleport and read thoughts.


Jay (aka Night), only/first love, girlfriend and at one time, fiance.

Valli Halvorsen (aka....). Best friend.

Jet Kanto (aka Scorch) Enemy.

Tony Stark (aka Iron Man, deceased) Enemy.

Jinx (aka insufferable marten) Best friend, soul bound Mage, enemy, and pet.


Is 25 in human years, but 43 in elf years.

Had never kissed a girl before Jay.

Should have had his tongue ripped out for calling Ruby "Abhayra" while she was acting as Jay.

Used his only Tear of Helia on Jay to save her life. It didn't work.

Has died twice already.